So far we have had help in one form or another from almost 100 people in the village. Clearly it is not possible to name them all but I would like to place on record my thanks and appreciation for all that they have done. I would, however, like to make a special mention of a few of them:-

Brian Burgess for generously giving us his collection of 800 photographs.

Peter Baker for his continuing help and support throughout the project.

Mark Winter for providing and running the website.

Alison Deveson, local historian, for her invaluable advice and guidance, and for allowing us to reproduce images from her publications.

Irene and Gerry Tungate, and Viv and Tony Brown - all members of the Overton History Society - for their local knowledge, photographs and general support.

The Photographic Club, several of whose members have been most generous with their time and their photographs. In particular I must mention Don Bradshaw and Sue Teagle.

Janice Stott for managing to find sources of photographs that I didn't know existed.

The Basingstoke Gazette for publicising the project and giving us access to their archives.

Lordsfield School for allowing us to use their photographic records.

The Darby and Joan Club for lending us their fascinating photo album recording their first few years.

Finally, I would like to thank PC Richard Baldwin's colleagues for dealing sympathetically with complaints about a suspicious looking prowler (me) taking photographs in Deane last year.



In addition, I would like to mention a number of publications which I found interesting to read and useful sources of information about Overton past and present:-

Overton and Its National School - Alison M Deveson, 1998

Overton, Hampshire - A Thousand Years of History - Alison M Deveson, 2000

Shadwells - The Story of a House - Nicholas Crace & Alison Deveson, 1998

Overton & Laverstoke - Anne Pitcher

Pictorial Album of Overton, Whitchurch, Laverstoke and Freefolk - Anne Pitcher

Portals - Sir Francis Portal, 1962

The Story of Portals 1725 to 1975 - W A Wood, 1975

On a Hill Above a Valley - Violet Butler, 2001

Laverstoke Mill - English Heritage, 2006

The Test & Itchen Association Ltd Millennium Report

Pictorial history of Overton - Richard Oram

Overton People and Places - Richard Oram

The Changing Face of Overton - Richard Oram

Overton Village Design Statement, 2002

The Overton Handbook - Overton Parish Council

Overton Rights of Way - Overton Parish Council

The Church of St Nicholas, Freefolk, Hampshire (Guide Book)

A Guide to St Mary's, Overton - 800 Years of History & More

Street maps of Overton (Free)

1615 Langdon map of Overton (Redrawn)*