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Development Map of Overton up to 2002
The diagram on the left was prepared by Bob Reid for inclusion in the Overton Village Design Statement in 2002. The document was prepared by Overton people after extensive consultation and was adopted by BADBC. It is still an official part of the planning requirements for Overton. One statement in the booklet is worth noting - "Overdevelopment will kill Overton. Overton should remain a village". This seems to have been forgotten by the planners. The map on the right is dated 2006.
2015_03_Oton_devel_map002.jpg 1_-_05_1CR0015E.jpg 2015_02Map_1765001w.jpg 2014_01_R_J_Smith___Co_001w.jpg BFB_Overton_rail_station_c_19005E.jpg